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Be Still and Cool

Be Still and Cool episode 20: be still and cool

In this episode, we talk about George Fox’s letter to Lady Claypole (Oliver Cromwell’s daughter), found in section 3I in Traditional Quaker Christianity. He tells her to “be still and cool in thine own mind and spirit,” because she was “very sick and troubled in mind.” Consequently, content warning: discussion of mental illness. Be still […]

Discerning leadings

Discerning leadings episode 18: discerning leadings

Today, we’re talking about discerning leadings. This is section 3G in Traditional Quaker Christianity, if you’re following along in the book. Which, on that note: just looked at the iBook store for the first time ever last week (yes, really), and hey! It turns out TQC is available for purchase as an ebook in iBooks. So, […]

Why don’t Quakers do communion?

Why don’t Quakers do communion? episode 17: why don't quakers do communion?

It’s really common for Christians to ask “why don’t Quakers do communion?” This relates to last week’s episode about spiritual baptism. In that episode, we talked about how these sacraments that the government-run church said you needed to get heaven were only accessible through the government priests. Looking at Scripture, one mark against the idea […]

I heard a voice

I heard a voice episode 15: i heard a voice

This time, we’re talking about George Fox’s moment of revelation, when he heard a voice. In his journal he wrote: When all my hopes in them and in all men were gone, so that I had nothing outwardly to help me, nor could I tell what to do, then, oh, then, I heard a voice […]

Who is Christ?

Who is Christ? episode 14: who is Christ?

In this episode we look at answers to the question “who is Christ?” This is section 3C in Traditional Quaker Christianity, a book we’ve been following along. Our very first episode, Jesus Christ is the Word of God, laid the foundation for where Quakerism comes from, but let’s go into what other roles Christ (or Light) […]

Inward states, dryness, and the daily cross

Inward states, dryness, and the daily cross episode 13: inward states, dryness, and the daily cross

In this episode we continue our series on the spiritual search. This time, we’re looking at inward states, dryness, and the daily cross. This is section 3B in Traditional Quaker Christianity, which I’ve just noticed now has a Kindle version available. Inward States First, we look at a George Fox quote about how people tend […]

The Spiritual Search

The Spiritual Search episode 12: the spiritual search

Today’s reading from Traditional Quaker Christianity is from Barclay’s Apology (Freiday’s 20th century version), on how a spiritual search begins. Barclay says a person goes looking for God when “his conscience brings about a sense of his own unworthiness.” Beginning the spiritual search For both Micah and Mackenzie, a need for community (if you do outreach […]

Convergent Friends

Convergent Friends Episode 11: Convergent Friends

For the first time, we’re having a special guest on the show. Mackenzie went to the Friends Association for Higher Education annual conference and had a chance to sit down with Wess Daniels to talk about Convergent Friends. Wess the Director of Friends Center at Guilford College and author of “A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing the […]