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Convergent Friends

Convergent Friends Episode 11: Convergent Friends

For the first time, we’re having a special guest on the show. Mackenzie went to the Friends Association for Higher Education annual conference and had a chance to sit down with Wess Daniels to talk about Convergent Friends. Wess the Director of Friends Center at Guilford College and author of “A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing the […]

Recording / ordination of ministers

Recording / ordination of ministers episode 10: recording/ordination of ministers

Ok, really, we don’t tend to call it ordination of ministers. We call it recording ministers. Why? God ordains ministers. We don’t. All we can do is record the fact that God has done so. Usually when people hear “I’m a minister,” they assume the person is the pastor of a congregation, often with that […]

Quaker Branches

Quaker Branches Episode 8: Quaker Branches

This time around, we’re taking a break from the book to answer a listener request about Quaker branches. There are 4 primary Quaker branches: Evangelical, Pastoral/FUM, Conservative, and Liberal. The first two tend to have pastors and a program for their worship—a sermon, a few songs, perhaps a little bit of silent (or “open”) worship. […]

Scripture is not essential to salvation

Scripture is not essential to salvation Scripture is not essential to salvation

Section 2B of Traditional Quaker Christianity asks “Are the Scriptures essential to salvation?” and it answers “no, Scripture is not essential to salvation.” Uh oh, them’s fightin’ words? This is a good example of why many describe Conservative Friends as the “middle” in Quakerism. Because really? This is a topic where Quakers vary heavily. Evangelical Quakers would […]

The Bible and Continuing Revelation

The Bible and Continuing Revelation episode 5: the bible and continuing revelation

Today we start a series on Quakers and the Bible by talking about continuing revelation, with section 2A in Traditional Quaker Christianity. Overall this section introduces what we will discuss in the next three episodes. In particular, we look at how the Spirit through Jesus goes beyond what was laid out in the original Scriptures and then […]

Idealism, Obligation, and Quaker Holiness

Idealism, Obligation, and Quaker Holiness title image: idealism, obligation, and quaker holiness

Section 1D of Traditional Quaker Christianity looks at idealism, obligation, and Quaker holiness. Uh oh, we’re going to use a word some Quakers tend to avoid: sin. Idealism & Obligation Lewis Benson, in his “Catholic Quakerism,” defines an ethic of idealism and an ethic of obligation. He asserts that Quakers, from the early days, adhere […]

Quaker beliefs about atonement

Quaker beliefs about atonement episode 3, quaker beliefs about atonement

Today we discuss Quaker beliefs about atonement and salvation through obedience to the promptings of the Light. This is section 1C in the book Traditional Quaker Christianity. Universalism: “Christ tasted death for every man ” and “the Light enlightens every man that comes into the world.” The Light is available to all, and the Holy Spirit […]

Jesus Christ is the Word of God

Jesus Christ is the Word of God episode 1, jesus christ is the word of god

We’re kicking off episode 1 of Quaker Faith & Podcast with a heavy topic: Jesus Christ is the Word of God. However,  this belief is foundational to Quakerism’s origins and still resonates for most Quakers today. So, it’s pretty clear why the authors of Traditional Quaker Christianity chose to put it first. Many Christians are […]