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Traveling in Ministry

Traveling in Ministry episode 28 traveling in ministry

This time we’re talking about traveling in ministry. Quakers have traveled in ministry from the very beginning. It really started as sort of ministry campaigns, traveling in pairs. That’s a Biblical practice: Jesus sent the Apostles out in pairs in Luke 10. Early Days These early campaigns would have people traveling in ministry for months […]

Speaking in Meeting

Speaking in Meeting episode 27 speaking in meeting

Section 5C in Traditional Quaker Christianity is on speaking in meeting, so that’s what we’re talking about today. Should I speak? Speaking in meeting is, as we’ve discussed before, meant to be oracular. We have to do some discernment about when to speak or not to speak. In this episode, we talk about how we […]

Women Ministers

Women Ministers episode 26 women ministers

We talked some about women preaching when we talked about the new covenant, but chapter 5B in Traditional Quaker Christianity¬†is specifically about women ministers. The book we’re using takes care to point out that women ministers weren’t part of a political or secular equality movement for women. It wasn’t motivated by feminism (which didn’t exist […]

Recording / ordination of ministers

Recording / ordination of ministers episode 10: recording/ordination of ministers

Ok, really, we don’t tend to call it ordination of ministers. We call it recording ministers. Why? God ordains ministers. We don’t. All we can do is record the fact that God has done so. Usually when people hear “I’m a minister,” they assume the person is the pastor of a congregation, often with that […]