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Recording worship

Recording worship episode 32 recording worship

We’re going off-book this time, because we felt like it. There’s a taboo on recording worship during waiting worship. This is especially the case with photography. This comes up most in regard to Quaker weddings. In non-Quaker weddings, it’s really common to have photography all throughout the wedding. Non-Quakers couples often have photos of themselves […]

Speaking in Meeting

Speaking in Meeting episode 27 speaking in meeting

Section 5C in Traditional Quaker Christianity is on speaking in meeting, so that’s what we’re talking about today. Should I speak? Speaking in meeting is, as we’ve discussed before, meant to be oracular. We have to do some discernment about when to speak or not to speak. In this episode, we talk about how we […]

Why don’t Quakers do communion?

Why don’t Quakers do communion? episode 17: why don't quakers do communion?

It’s really common for Christians to ask “why don’t Quakers do communion?” This relates to last week’s episode about spiritual baptism. In that episode, we talked about how these sacraments that the government-run church said you needed to get heaven were only accessible through the government priests. Looking at Scripture, one mark against the idea […]