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Nontheist Quakers

Nontheist Quakers episode 49 nontheist quakers

Sam Barnett-Cormack calls in to talk about nontheist Quakers. Sam is one. This has been requested by a few listeners. Micah is currently moving cross-country to be co-pastor (with his wife) at Berkeley Friends Church, so everybody wish him well. He’ll be back when things settle a little. Transcript Mackenzie: Hi. Welcome back to Quaker […]


Missionaries episode 48 missionaries

This time we’re talking about a recent incident. A man named John Chau went to North Sentinel. He intended to talk to people whose language he didn’t know in order to bring them to Christ. He ended up dead. This is bringing up all sorts of ethical questions about missionaries working overseas. We talk about […]


Prayer episode 47 prayer

This is another guest episode. When Hye Sung was on the show talking about charismatic gifts, we mentioned our good friend Elijah a few times. Elijah is a student at the same Quaker seminary Micah attended: Earlham School of Religion. Through Quaker Voluntary Service, he was a pastoral intern at West Hills Friends Church a […]


Centering episode 46 centering

This time we’re talking about centering. Last time, Christy mentioned centering prayer as a Buddhist/Catholic practice with Quaker overlap. Transcript Speaker 1: Welcome to Quaker Faith and Podcast where we will explore traditional Quaker beliefs and the variety of Quaker beliefs found today. Mackenzie: Welcome back to Quaker Faith and Podcast with Mackenzie and Micah. […]

Quaker hybrids

Quaker hybrids episode 45 quaker hybrids

This time, Quaker academic Christy Randazzo joins us as a guest. They’ve studied all sorts of aspects of Quakerism, and this time we’re dealing with Quaker hybrids. Especially in the liberal Quaker world, you’ll find all sorts of Quaker hybrids. Some have cute names, like Quaker Pagans calling themselves “Quagans” and Quaker Catholics being “Quatholics.” […]

Charismatic Gifts

Charismatic Gifts episode 44: charismatic gifts

This time, Mackenzie has Hye Sung from the Friendly Fire Collective on the show as a guest, to talk about charismatic gifts. And it’s a long one, because we are going to talk about all the charismatic gifts we can think of! Years ago, Mackenzie told someone that Quakers speak from the Spirit. The question […]


Afterlife episode 43 afterlife

We had a listener request to talk about the afterlife. So, to start off with: most cultures have some sort of idea that you somehow continue after your body dies. A lot of them, including that found in the Hebrew Bible, have everyone experiencing the same death after death. Micah gives an overview of some […]