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Individualism and community

Individualism and community episode 31 individualism and community

This time around we’re discussing individualism and community in the Quaker tradition. Section 6C in Traditional Quaker Christianity quotes heavily from William Penn’s True Spiritual Liberty. The opening paragraph of this chapter is gold: Western individualism, which elevates individuals above the group, destroys community, eats away at our concern for others’ welfare, and too often […]

Knowing Christ in Us

Knowing Christ in Us episode 21: knowing christ in us

This, the last episode of season 2, is from Traditional Quaker Christianity‘s section 3J, titled Knowing Christ in Us. We’re looking at two readings from George Fox’s Journal. Sure Word of Prophecy In the first, Fox relates hearing a priest in a steeple-house preach that we have “a more sure Word of prophecy” and then […]

Discerning leadings

Discerning leadings episode 18: discerning leadings

Today, we’re talking about discerning leadings. This is section 3G in Traditional Quaker Christianity, if you’re following along in the book. Which, on that note: just looked at the iBook store for the first time ever last week (yes, really), and hey! It turns out TQC is available for purchase as an ebook in iBooks. So, […]

Scripture is not essential to salvation

Scripture is not essential to salvation Scripture is not essential to salvation

Section 2B of Traditional Quaker Christianity asks “Are the Scriptures essential to salvation?” and it answers “no, Scripture is not essential to salvation.” Uh oh, them’s fightin’ words? This is a good example of why many describe Conservative Friends as the “middle” in Quakerism. Because really? This is a topic where Quakers vary heavily. Evangelical Quakers would […]

The Bible and Continuing Revelation

The Bible and Continuing Revelation episode 5: the bible and continuing revelation

Today we start a series on Quakers and the Bible by talking about continuing revelation, with section 2A in Traditional Quaker Christianity. Overall this section introduces what we will discuss in the next three episodes. In particular, we look at how the Spirit through Jesus goes beyond what was laid out in the original Scriptures and then […]

Jesus Christ is the Word of God

Jesus Christ is the Word of God episode 1, jesus christ is the word of god

We’re kicking off episode 1 of Quaker Faith & Podcast with a heavy topic: Jesus Christ is the Word of God. However,  this belief is foundational to Quakerism’s origins and still resonates for most Quakers today. So, it’s pretty clear why the authors of Traditional Quaker Christianity chose to put it first. Many Christians are […]