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Charismatic Gifts

Charismatic Gifts episode 44: charismatic gifts

This time, Mackenzie has Hye Sung from the Friendly Fire Collective on the show as a guest, to talk about charismatic gifts. And it’s a long one, because we are going to talk about all the charismatic gifts we can think of! Years ago, Mackenzie told someone that Quakers speak from the Spirit. The question […]

Spirit-led Teachers

Spirit-led Teachers episode 35 spirit-led teachers

This time we’re looking at section 6F in Traditional Quaker Christianity, which is really just a quote from Barclay’s Apology. The section is titled “Spirit-led Teachers.” The quote reflects the semi-Gnostic perspective the early Quakers found in the Gospel of John. Gnosticism makes a strong distinction between spirit (good) and material (bad). Really, the point […]