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The Spiritual Search

The Spiritual Search episode 12: the spiritual search

Today’s reading from Traditional Quaker Christianity is from Barclay’s Apology (Freiday’s 20th century version), on how a spiritual search begins. Barclay says a person goes looking for God when “his conscience brings about a sense of his own unworthiness.” Beginning the spiritual search For both Micah and Mackenzie, a need for community (if you do outreach […]

The Bible and Continuing Revelation

The Bible and Continuing Revelation episode 5: the bible and continuing revelation

Today we start a series on Quakers and the Bible by talking about continuing revelation, with section 2A in Traditional Quaker Christianity. Overall this section introduces what we will discuss in the next three episodes. In particular, we look at how the Spirit through Jesus goes beyond what was laid out in the original Scriptures and then […]