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Quaker Testimony

Quaker Testimony episode 37 quaker testimony

Welcome to season 4! We’re on the final section of Traditional Quaker Christianity! Chapter 7A is on Quaker testimonies. Or Quaker testimony. We’re going to talk about the implications of those two. Quaker Testimony Testimony has two primary definitions: evidence in support of a fact, proof a public declaration regarding a religious experience Second things […]

Quakers and holidays

Quakers and holidays Episode 22 Quakers and holidays

In a timely post for December, we’re discussing the old Testimony Against Times & Seasons, aka holidays. Historically, Quakers did not do holidays. Every day is sacred. “This is the day the Lord has made.” Nowadays, most of us are fine with holidays. Why Quakers didn’t do holidays For some historical context, when Quakers were […]