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Knowing Christ in Us

Knowing Christ in Us episode 21: knowing christ in us

This, the last episode of season 2, is from Traditional Quaker Christianity‘s section 3J, titled Knowing Christ in Us. We’re looking at two readings from George Fox’s Journal. Sure Word of Prophecy In the first, Fox relates hearing a priest in a steeple-house preach that we have “a more sure Word of prophecy” and then […]

Who is Christ?

Who is Christ? episode 14: who is Christ?

In this episode we look at answers to the question “who is Christ?” This is section 3C in┬áTraditional Quaker Christianity, a book we’ve been following along. Our very first episode, Jesus Christ is the Word of God, laid the foundation for where Quakerism comes from, but let’s go into what other roles Christ (or Light) […]