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The Spiritual Search

The Spiritual Search episode 12: the spiritual search

Today’s reading from Traditional Quaker Christianity is from Barclay’s Apology (Freiday’s 20th century version), on how a spiritual search begins. Barclay says a person goes looking for God when “his conscience brings about a sense of his own unworthiness.” Beginning the spiritual search For both Micah and Mackenzie, a need for community¬†(if you do outreach […]

Idealism, Obligation, and Quaker Holiness

Idealism, Obligation, and Quaker Holiness title image: idealism, obligation, and quaker holiness

Section 1D of Traditional Quaker Christianity looks at idealism, obligation, and Quaker holiness. Uh oh, we’re going to use a word some Quakers tend to avoid: sin. Idealism & Obligation Lewis Benson, in his “Catholic Quakerism,” defines an ethic of idealism and an ethic of obligation. He asserts that Quakers, from the early days, adhere […]