We’re kicking off episode 1 of Quaker Faith & Podcast with a heavy topic: Jesus Christ is the Word of God. However,  this belief is foundational to Quakerism’s origins and still resonates for most Quakers today. So, it’s pretty clear why the authors of Traditional Quaker Christianity chose to put it first.

Many Christians are fond of talking about the Bible as the end-all be-all of Christian authority. They’ll tell you the Bible is Word of God. Quakers, however, look at “the Word was made flesh” and come to a different conclusion: Christ is the Word of God. Yes, the Bible testifies to the Word of God, but that’s not quite the same thing.

This also means we discuss the place of Scripture in Quakerism. We’ll be talking more particularly about Scripture in a few months, but here we talk about how that balances with personal experience of the Inward Christ (or Inner Light).  Consequently, we talk about the place of personal experience in our spiritual journeys and Christ’s role as the Inner Teacher or the Guide.


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