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Be Still and Cool

Be Still and Cool episode 20: be still and cool

In this episode, we talk about George Fox’s letter to Lady Claypole (Oliver Cromwell’s daughter), found in section 3I in Traditional Quaker Christianity. He tells her to “be still and cool in thine own mind and spirit,” because she was “very sick and troubled in mind.” Consequently, content warning: discussion of mental illness. Be still […]

Discerning leadings

Discerning leadings episode 18: discerning leadings

Today, we’re talking about discerning leadings. This is section 3G in Traditional Quaker Christianity, if you’re following along in the book. Which, on┬áthat note: just looked at the iBook store for the first time ever last week (yes, really), and hey! It turns out TQC is available for purchase as an ebook in iBooks. So, […]

Jesus Christ is the Word of God

Jesus Christ is the Word of God episode 1, jesus christ is the word of god

We’re kicking off episode 1 of Quaker Faith & Podcast with a heavy topic: Jesus Christ is the Word of God. However, ┬áthis belief is foundational to Quakerism’s origins and still resonates for most Quakers today. So, it’s pretty clear why the authors of Traditional Quaker Christianity chose to put it first. Many Christians are […]